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Alfonso, Lesley, Julie & Daniel

Tom & Alane Waters

Co-Founders, Restoration International, Inc

Tom & Alane are passionate about seeking God's will for their lives and sharing His love and life changing power with others.   They left the popular culture of the day - thriving medical careers and advancement, bigger home, new car and worldly entertainment to seek a real, personal and vital connection with God, realizing it was the culture of His Word and His will that really mattered.   Being in ministry for over 30 years, they continue to have a zeal for God's Word to be the light that guides us in our day to day life.  They continue to give their all to hasten the coming of Christ and an eternity Beyond Belief.

TOM ALANE 2021.png

Kevin and Shelly Powell

Kevin and Shelly met at Southern College (now SAU) in Tennessee and have been happily married for almost 33 years. They are richly blessed with two daughters, two sons and one son-in-law.  Kevin pastored for 20 years in Florida and Virginia and presently teaches in the religion department at Ouachita Hills College in Arkansas.  Shelly has a background in nursing, but left hospital work years ago to homeschool their children. They became friends with Tom and Alane in 1996 and were blessed to host the Virginia Family Retreat for four years. They will be sharing practical lessons they have learned in their personal walk with God, marriage, parenting and their unexpected journey now with Shelly’s ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) which began in October of 2019.  Their greatest desire is that others will be led to A Loving Savior (ALS) through their lives and testimony.

You can listen to more of their inspiring story on RI’s “Unbroken”, podcast series. 

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