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Physical Exhibitor Location | National Family Retreat


There are 25 available Exhibitor spaces (to be located in the main meeting hall) at NFR, with a total charge of $175.00 for each space/table (see layout/directory below).


For the $175.00 tendered, each Exhibitor receives one (1) table along with a mention of Exhibitor's organization / mission (this takes place during announcements contained within the event programming).


Note: This opportunity is highly local to NFR attendees; any non-local exposure is relatively minimal, limited to the announcements / mentions memorialized in the various recordings of NFR event programming. Exhibitors will not be included in the NFR directory, event program, nor will their linked logo appear anywhere on the website as included with the option below.



Most Popular Option | EXHIBITOR'S PLUS -All Retreats-


In addition to the exhibitor opportunity above, the following visibility and engagement platforms can be included for a cost of $500.00:


  • Inclusion on the RI Website (Worldwide)

    • ​​Exhibitor’s logo will be displayed on each of the Family Retreat Detail pages (currently there are four retreats) complete with a click-through feature that takes browsers straight to Exhibitor’s website, or link of choice.


  • Event Directory / Programs (Nationwide, Four Events)

    • Exhibitor’s logo will be included on any family retreat printed material. 


  • Exhibitor Spotlight (Nationwide, Four Events)

    • Each Exhibitor receives one (1) mention of their organization / mission to the audience at the event. This takes place during the announcements immediately prior to the scheduled speaker presenting; ensuring that the maximum number of people have returned to the presentation venue and can / will be on hand to hear the Exhibitor’s Spotlight.

Terms and Conditions: To qualify for the nationwide opportunity, prospective Exhibitors must purchase physical exhibitor space at the National Family Retreat (NFR) event. If the event has already ended, there is no reduction or rollover, meaning that advertising on the available platforms for the remainder of the calendar year will be subject to the entire amount of $500.00. Exhibitor promotion does not roll over beyond December 31st of the calendar year in which the Exhibitor promotion was purchased; however, any Exhibitor promotion(s) requested and / or paid AFTER the last Family Retreat of that calendar year will be rolled out January 1st of the FOLLOWING year.

Exhibitor Questions?480-4204438

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