Alfonso, Lesley, Julie & Daniel

Tom & Alane Waters

Co-Founders, Restoration International, Inc

Tom & Alane are passionate about seeking God's will for their lives and sharing His love and life changing power with others.   They left the popular culture of the day - thriving medical careers and advancement, bigger home, new car and worldly entertainment to seek a real, personal and vital connection with God, realizing it was the culture of His Word and His will that really mattered.   Being in ministry for over 30 years, they continue to have a zeal for God's Word to be the light that guides us in our day to day life.  They continue to give their all to hasten the coming of Christ and experience eternity in His Culture.

Blake & Cris Jones

Blake & Cris have a passion for developing a real, authentic relationship with God.  Blake grew up in a secular environment and came to know Christ while in university.  After his conversion and several years after graduation, he felt compelled to follow God’s leading into Ministry.  He went to Andrews University for his Masters in Divinity and met his wife,Cris, who was completing her Masters in Music.  After marriage Blake has pastored in four church districts leading his congregation by precept and example to a personal connection with Christ.  Cris supports her husband through her music ministry and as a full time mommy, homeschooling their two children.  They are actively engaged in helping their children develop their own personal relationship with Jesus, preparing them to be His ambassadors even at a young age.  They have a passion for evangelism, teaching the Scriptures in application of every day life, and discipling people to be faithful and fruitful followers of Jesus.

Dr. Norman & Joelle McNulty

Dr. Norman and Joelle McNulty met at GYC in 2004 and married in 2007. After Norman finished his residency in Loma Linda, they spent two years in Trinidad as missionaries.   Norman is a neurologist and travels throughout the world speaking for churches on various weekends. He has a passion for sharing the three angels’ messages of God’s Word, and how that transcends the culture of our time. Joelle occupies herself with homemaking and a creative, consistent homeschool. Together they are committed to educate their four daughters in the truth, goodness, and beauty that can be found in the Word of God and a relationship with Jesus. Norman and Joelle are eager to share about developing a personalized family culture based on God’s Word, and not the cultural status quo. 

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