For the $499.00 tendered, each Exhibitor receives:


One (1) Table at National Family Retreat


  • Includes a spotlight mention of your organization / mission (this takes place during announcements contained within the event programming).


Inclusion on the RI Website (Worldwide)

  • ​​Exhibitor’s logo will be displayed on each of the Family Retreat Detail pages (currently there are four retreats) complete with a click-through feature that takes browsers straight to Exhibitor’s website, or link of choice.


Event Directory / Programs (Nationwide, Four Events)

  • ​Exhibitor’s logo will be included on each of the Family Retreat’s printed Event Programs. These are provided in each of the “Welcome Bags” when attendees check in at registration, meaning that every attendee will potentially see Exhibitor’s name and logo every time they refer to the event schedule.


Exhibitor Spotlight (Nationwide, Four Total Events)

  • ​Each Exhibitor receives one (1) mention of their organization / mission to the audience at all Family Retreats. This takes place during the announcements immediately prior to the scheduled speaker presenting; ensuring that the maximum number of people have returned to the presentation venue and can / will be on hand to hear the Exhibitor’s Spotlight.


(Note: Tables are first come, first serve).

2021 Spotlight Package (Nationwide +Web)